At our Church, it’s simple, we are “Big Church Small Church making disciples.” We are not a program driven church that tries to attract people with programs but we are unashamedly a family-like church focused on building relationships with God and with one another. The Big Church is our corporate gathering at church and the Small Church is our smaller group gatherings in the homes. The Small Church basically does the same things the Big Church does except the Big Church is led by Pastors and Small Church is led by lay Shepherds. Big Church Small Church makes disciples by helping our people to STAND (Serve one another, Train in the Word and prayer, Adore God in worship, Neighbor one another, Disciple unbelievers).  To us, Big Church Small Church is one in the same.  In order to fully experience our Church, we encourage people to commit to the Big Church Small Church.  Experiencing only the Big Church without experiencing the Small Church misses the point of our Church.