What is a small church?

The early New Testament reference to church is not a building but a people. The early church described in Acts 2:42-47 met in both as a big group in the temple and in smaller groups in the homes. We believe that the two wings of the local church are the Big Church (big gathering) and the small churches (smaller gatherings). When both wings flap together, the local church soars and flourishes.

A small church is a family-like community where all the intrinsic functions of a local church happens.  A small church is a shepherd lead life on life ministry that meets weekly to serve others, build meaningful relationships, live the life of worship, put into practice the Word, pray together, and help unbelievers (a.k.a. VIPs) to be saved.

As a Christian, why should I join a small church?

We know that many Christians come to UW for an education. We believe that God has an even greater plan and purpose for you at UW. We invite you to join a small church because you will be able to use your time at UW meaningfully and purposefully by making it your goal to help at least 1 unbeliever be saved.

How do I worship at the BHC Big Church Sunday worship service?

Students meet together on UW and take the public transit to the Big Church. UW Students typically take the light rail to Beacon Hill Station, then take the [36] bus to attend Sunday Worship Service on 9:30 AM in Sanctuary. Some students arrive at the Big Church a bit earlier to participate in the 8:45 AM prayer meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

UW on-campus travel group meeting place: UDistrict Station at Exit B on 8:30am.

Map of the Light Rail Station:

If you can’t travel with the on-campus travel group, here are some helpful directions from the UDistrict station to Beacon Hill Church: https://goo.gl/maps/ThHtMNKK8T9PgtzK6

If you need more information, please email uw@beaconhillchurch.com

Could small church be an answer to the prayers of your parents, friends, and church back home?

Yes! As our young people from our church go off to college, we prayerfully encourage them to find a good church to belong to. Likewise, we suspect that your parents, friends, and churches back home are also praying for you to find a good church and actively get involved. We hope that we can be an answered prayer where you can be part of our church family.