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Bringing your tithes and offerings to God has always been an essential aspect of worship. Jesus said much about money because it could be used to worship God or become an idol in of itself.  For the church to not address this topic would be tantamount to passively allowing our members to rob God of His due worship. BHCers must never stop worshipping God because of inconvenience. We must not give to God’s church as we donate to other charities. We don’t donate to God, but we bring our tithes and offerings to God as our worship. Give to God as worship!

At the moment, the amount is not critical so continue to give something with all your heart. Bringing your tithes and offerings is a spiritual activity so pray before you give. God always looks at our hearts first and foremost. If you can’t give as much as before, then give what you can. If you can give even more than before, then now is the time to do so. The point is that we must never stop worshipping God because things are inconvenient or only when convenient.

There’s several ways to give your tithes and offerings online (Click Here). The church recently made available another option to give through Zelle. Most banks offer Zelle through their online/internet banking and mobile banking app. It’s simple, just add the Church as a recipient through an email and start giving.

-there are no fees to send money through Zelle
-money moves directly to the Church bank account in minutes
-you only need the Church email address – your bank information remains private

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