To my church family,

I would like to thank you all for sticking with BHC all these years and bringing me on board as your Senior Pastor. As many of you know, my faith journey in Seattle began on February 8th when Sara and I with our three kids landed at SeaTac Airport. Nothing was certain except for the fact that we felt that God wanted us to be in Seattle. Let me be clear that we took a step of faith onto the unchartered deep end but we are by no means super saints.  Trust me, we had our moments of doubt and weakness.  All this to say, glory to God for “The Lord is my Shepherd” (Psalm 23:1-6).  Who would have guessed, six plus months later that BHC would be our home? All I can say is that God is truly in control and faithful.

In such a short period of time, BHC has taken the initial steps to becoming a disciple making church. Several people during the interviews and the various interactions asked me how I would make disciples? I remember saying disciples are made in the context of Big Church Small Church. Even as I briefly explained what that meant, I am sure that for some it was as clear as mud.

Our Vision/Mission is “Big Church Small Church making disciples.”  During the Vision Series, I explained that the Small Church basically does the same things as the Big Church except the Small Church is led by a lay shepherd. As of today, seventeen BHC brothers and sisters have been trained as shepherds. Once we have enough shepherds, our next progression is to transition our Connection Groups into becoming a Small Church.  How does “Big Church Small Church make disciples?”  When the Big Church Small Church STAND.

Serve one another
Train in the Word and prayer
Adore God (worship)
Neighbor one another
Disciple unbelievers

In order for Big Church Small Church to STAND, everyone at BHC must do their part. Pastors must take seriously our charge to equip, encourage, and empower the saints (BHC members) to do the work of the ministry. The saints must heed the call of Christ to pay the price and shepherd His lamb/sheep (John 21:15-17). There is no shortcut or easy way to do this. It is hard yet rewarding privilege to labor for the Lord of Harvest.

Speaking of harvest, we need to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send BHC laborers (missionaries and student shepherds) to labor on the college campuses.  I pray that the Big Church Small Church will unleash a generation for Christ on the campuses.  No disrespect to the campus para-churches, but if the local churches start doing what we are supposed to do on the campuses, then we won’t need them.  Regardless, the harvest is so plentiful on the campuses that there is room for everyone.  It’s game on.

In the coming months, the Constitution Committee will introduce and present the proposed Constitution to our members.  The Constitution Committee has spent many long hours to design a Constitution that will enable us to aggressively fulfill our Vision/Mission.  I ask you all to support this streamlined Constitution.

I pray that God will unify our church so that we can become a disciple making local church.