Bringing offerings to God has always been an essential aspect of worship. Jesus said much about money because it could be used to worship God or become our idol. For the church to not address this topic would be tantamount to passively allowing BHC worshippers to not worship God. Some may wonder, “how much should I offer up to God?” Instead of focusing on a set amount or percentage, focus on giving your best and being rich towards God. If you are still unsure then perhaps you should simply practice tithing which is 10% of your income. That being said, as you bring your offerings, keep the below things in mind.

  1. Give to God as worship! God’s people should not donate to God’s church as we donate to other charities. Bringing our offerings is not being generous to God, but worship.
  2. Give to God your best! The amount is not the most important thing, so focus on giving your best sacrificially. If you can’t give much at the moment then give what you can and work your way up.
  3. Give to God from your heart! Worshiping with your offerings is a spiritual activity so pray before you give. Give cheerfully and generously. God always looks at our hearts first and foremost.
  4. Give to God weekly! Consistently worship God. Divide up your offerings and give weekly as you worship on Sundays. Develop the habit of regularly worshiping with your offerings.

Zelle is fast, safe and easy way to send in your tithes and offerings. Most banks offer Zelle through their online/internet banking and mobile banking app.

It’s simple, just add the Church as a recipient through an email and start giving.

-There are no fees to send money through Zelle
-Money moves directly to Church bank account in minutes
-You only need Church email address – your bank information remains private

You may give your tithes and offerings to the following funds:

Operating Fund – Primary fund that supports ministries, pastors, staff, facilities and daily operations.
Missions Fund – Fund that supports our short-term and long-term missionaries and mission organizations.
Endowment Fund – Funds to provide long term financial needs.
Communion – Funds set aside for specific organizations and programs such as Kin On Healthcare Center, Emergency Feeding Program, etc.

In order to setup recurring giving on Realm, you will need to REGISTER on the Realm site. You can request a Realm invitation to register by filling the form.

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 93

​​Most banks and financial institutions offer a service called Electronic Fund Transfer, Online Bill Pay, or ACH Transfer. It is free of charge and recurring payments can be set up from your bank or brokerage accounts.

To give stocks as tithes and offerings, make an electronic or wire transfer from your brokerage account directly to the CBC account.

Please email for the necessary account information to do the transfer.

Note: All stock tithes will be held in our brokerage account unless requested to sell upon receiving.