According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), COVID-19 began on Dec 12, 2019. Over the past two years, COVID has caused great disruptions and suffering. Unfortunately, mix messaging and politicization of COVID from the media and government has made our decision making process even more challenging. The constant drum beat of COVID has caused many to have paranoia level of fear. Each individual will need to make their own decisions on how best to mitigate the COVID risks but please do so based on available facts and convictions. All that to say that Christians should stop using COVID as an excuse for not doing what they should be doing. For example, some Christians have no issues going into public spaces for shopping, vacationing, parties, traveling, school, work, etc but somehow have issues coming to church for Sunday worship services. This type of reasoning is plainly inconsistent and hard to explain away. On the other hand, for those of you who have legitimate COVID concerns, please study the available COVID data as you make your own decisions. In order to help you, I’ve put some links and data available to the public so you can make informed decisions.

US Census: Population Age Composition in the United States: 2019
-ages 1-4 yrs = 19,736,000
-ages 5-14 yrs = 41,039,000
-ages 15-24 yrs = 42,103,000
-ages 25-34 yrs = 45,209,000
-ages 30-39 yrs = 21,443,000
-ages 40-49 yrs = 39,939,000
-ages 50-64 yrs = 62,110,000
-ages 65-74 yrs = 31,487,000
-ages 75-84 yrs = 15,407,000
-ages 85 and over = 5,893,000

CDC COVID Death data from 1/1/2020 to 1/29/2022 in USA
-ages 1-4 yrs = 87 COVID Deaths
-ages 5-14 yrs = 235 COVID Deaths
-ages 15-24 yrs = 2,301 COVID Deaths
-ages 25-34 yrs = 9,789 COVID Deaths
-ages 30-39 yrs = 16,067 COVID Deaths
-ages 40-49 yrs = 38,432 COVID Deaths
-ages 50-64 yrs = 165,438 COVID Deaths
-ages 65-74 yrs = 201,292 COVID Deaths
-ages 75-84 yrs = 225,952 COVID Deaths
-ages 85 and over = 227,060 COVID Deaths

Death Rate Per 1,000 by Age in USA
-ages 1-4 yrs = 0.0044 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 5-14 yrs = 0.0057 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 15-24 yrs = 0.0547 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 25-34 yrs = 0.2165 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 30-39 yrs = 0.7493 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 40-49 yrs = 0.9623 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 50-64 yrs = 2.6636 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 65-74 yrs = 6.3929 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 75-84 yrs = 14.6655 per 1,000 Death Rate
-ages 85 and over = 38.5305 per 1,000 Death Rate

For our Children’s Ministry, parents need to understand that the chances of your child dying of COVID is extremely low (0.0044 – 0.0057). According to 2019 CDC data, 608 children ages 12 and under died from car accidents. That means your child is more likely to die from car accidents than COVID. As expected, ages 75 and over have the highest risk of COVID deaths (14.6655-38.5305). For our high risk population, please protect yourself by wearing N95 or equivalent masks.

In conclusion, please take the necessary precautions (e.g. vaccines, N95 masks, etc) to mitigate your COVID risks. At the same time, we need to stop living in fear that paralyzes us from living out our faith. Let me encourage everyone to live a God-driven life rather than fear-driven life. Let us fear God!

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