COVID-19 Related FAQ

1. Has anyone at CBC been confirmed with COVID-19?
Answer: no, we are not aware of anyone

2. How can I worship if the church building is closed?
Answer: Worship Sundays at 9:30 AM through Website or Facebook live streaming
-Church Website:

3. How does the “Stay at Home” directive impact CBC online streaming worship?
Answer: On 03/26, Governor Inslee explicitly gave an exception to religious institutions to have minimal staffing “present at the places of worship to ensure that online remote services can be afforded to their flocks.”

4. What happens to all the other church ministries?
Answer: All church ministries and programs have been postponed until further notice

5. What about my offering?
Answer: you can use Online Giving or mail your check to church

6. What about the check-in and my church attendance?
Answer: church does not expect check-in to happen during this time (don’t worry about it)

7. What about Baptisms and the Lord’s Supper/Communion?
Answer: the church will begin to administer the ordinances once things get back to normal

8. When will the church building re-open?
Answer: the church will monitor and follow the directives of the authorities

9. What if I need prayer and need help?
Answer#1: talk to a Deacon during a care call or call the CBC hotline (hotline information was sent through email)

10. Where can I find more information on COVID019?
Answer #1:
Answer #2:

11. What about Small Church gatherings?
Answer #1: we encourage our shepherds to host virtual Small Church meetings

12. Should I wear masks when going out to public areas?
Answer #1: yes, please wear a mask or even a scarf when going out to public areas where you cannot control social distancing. If you don’t have a masks, try to make one with a good air conditioner filter. Lots of good DIY tutorials out there such as

Service Times

Service Times

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