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Summit Life Church:


Awakening Church:

“If this pandemic has done anything, it’s reminded us of what, or who, the church is. Our church family as strengthened and grown as we have learned to care deeper for one another during these days. Caring for each other (inside & outside the church) is the quickest way to see Jesus change lives. And that’s exactly what has happened. On March 15, we met for the last time in person (until September 20). And since that time, we have seen many people place their faith in Jesus and 10 people baptized. In addition, we have added two key roles to our leadership team. John Dammarell is now serving as our Connections Pastor and Frank Dang is relocating from Atlanta, GA as our new Minister of Worship (begins Oct.1). We are thankful for the momentum that God has been building over the past several months and we are encouraged as we push toward our vision of being a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Bellevue and beyond. Thank you for partnering with us for the journey!”

-Pastor Jonah Easley

Lionel Goo:

“By God’s grace, while a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, on 1/5/81, I got involved with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) and met my (1) Master, (2) mate, and (3) mission. After graduation, Gay, my future wife and I joined the full-time staff of Cru. That was 35 years ago–26 of those years was spent as missionaries in “Closed East Asia.”

Our work was primarily pioneer evangelism and discipleship on college campuses. Again, by God’s grace, He blessed our ministry. From our one campus, we raised up almost 20% of our country’s national leaders, planted four house churches, and sent out some of Cru’s first “East Asian” foreign missionaries. Even today, I’ve been told that we raised up all the pastors in our former city. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration but it’s encouraging to hear that our disciples are still walking with the Lord and serving Him.

Today, I am serving at Cru’s international headquarters in Orlando, FL as part of Cru’s Intercessory Prayer Group (IPG). Sadly, on 7/29/18, Gay suddenly passed away from an aneurysm. We have two sons in college–by God’s grace both are doing very well.”


Stephen and Satomi Sakamoto:

Stephen and Satomi Sakamoto have been with The Evangelical Alliance Mission ( for 22 years. They are active in church-planting and making disciple-makers in Japan, and around the world. Currently they are on Home Assignment, reporting what God is doing in Japan and seeking additional ministry partners in monthly financial support.
They helped the Saito New Town church plant (c/p) start every week SUN worship services in May, 2019.
They helped the c/p by teaching seeker Bible studies, helping with mothers and children outreach, and making contacts with their immediate neighbors.
They helped the SUN worship meetings by preaching, translating English to Japanese, leading music for worship, and other activities.
Their hearts are to make disciple-makers for church planting! Stephen started three huddles for the purpose of making disciple-makers.  One of those was weekly with some members of the core team. Those weekly huddles were such refreshing “oasis times” (for us!)
Through the internet, they continue to lead a seeker Bible Study every week in Japan. Satomi keeps in touch and encourages the Women’s Bible Study group in Kobe very regularly!
Stephen continues to lead two “making disciple-makers” huddles every week, and they will  restart other meetings soon.  We thank God for today’s technology.
From Stephen and Satomi, “
Please pray:
— that we protect our daily time with God, in all of all the changes going on in our lives.
— for our two daughters Jessi and Jenni and their husbands and their children, for their lives to be Christ-centered.
— for the Saito church plant leadership, for their communication as they move forward.
— for us as we visit our supporting churches, to be an encouragement to them.
— for the additional monthly financial support we need to raise while on home assignment – We need to raise an additional $900 per month.  “
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Service Times

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